Step Into Action is a non-profit association based in Geneva. Created by the association euforia, Step Into Action aims to raise awareness among young people on social issues and to encourage them to get involved in solving tomorrow’s problems.

The association organizes events throughout the year, which bring together 600 to 1000 young people, about 40 teachers, 25 civil society organizations, youth projects and 40 young volunteers. These events allow for the gathering of ideas, exchange and networking while motivating participants to get involved.

Step into action is an organization of young people for young people. 

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The vision of step into action: young people themselves become actors of change. They take the future of their generation into their own hands.

The social and environmental problems are numerous and their solutions were summarised in 2015 by the UN as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2023. The subject is complex and in some aspects even contradictory, thus creating conflicts and dilemmas. These dilemmas are even greater for the younger generations, who were born into this challenging world. In the context of Step Into Action, these young people want to engage in activities that aim to achieve the SDGs. The Haas Foundation wanted to encourage this action and follow the 2021 event organised in stages:

1. Step 1 – Launching and getting to know each other

Through a short video and an interactive classroom exercise, young people learn about step into action and prepare for their visit to the Youth Summit. They are immersed in the complex dilemmas of sustainable development.

2. Step 2 – Youth Summit, a journey of reflection and inspiration 

The second step and at the same time the highlight of the programme is the Youth Summit, where young people, teachers, organisations and volunteers meet. Together they discover their potential and develop ideas to help shape our future.

In an interactive half-day course, young people work in groups on current environmental, social and economic challenges. They discover their own potential and their own sphere of influence. Three aspects play a central role:

  • Awareness: Why do the challenges of our world concern me and how do I live them?
  • Self-awareness: What can I contribute and where can I have an impact?
  • Action: What is my vision and commitment? Where can I start?

Programme for teachers (in parallel)
While the young people are going through the journey, the teachers participate in a workshop on education for sustainable development specially adapted to their needs. They learn about teaching methods and materials, share practical examples and experiences and work together with the organisations present.

3. Step 3 – Follow-up, advice, support and guidance

It is after the Youth Summit that the adventure really begins for the participants – they get involved. They can do this either by volunteering in existing organisations, by starting a project themselves, or by making their own lifestyle and daily life more sustainable and responsible. The Step into Action project team supports and accompanies them in the following follow-up actions:

step into action at school: support for teachers and classes in launching their own school projects.
step into action everyday: support in changing daily habits and making them more responsible.
step into action with imp!act: intensive workshop for young people to develop and implement their own project ideas.

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