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Extramuros is a solidarity, ecological and social carpentry. Their core activity is the reuse of materials, especially wood. It transforms waste into resources to make various types of collective equipment: urban furniture, planters, huts, modular furniture, etc. Their creations are made in the context of workshops and educational work camps, intended for people who are far from employment and training. They also intervene in different neighbourhoods through participative and collaborative workshops, open to all, for the construction of collective and shared equipment.

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1. Background to the project “Rehabilitation and optimisation of a collective reception chalet”.

In 2020, the EXTRAMUROS association, known as EXTRAM, which was mainly involved in organising weekends to take young people from the Paris housing estates out to the countryside of Piscop (Val d’Oise), agreed to take up the following challenge:

“To manage and promote a collective house located at the entrance to Contamines-Montjoie (74) in order to allow many young city dwellers, through educational stays, to have access to healthy and economical holidays, close to the natural environment.

Convinced that initiatives in favour of young people from all backgrounds, starting with the most disadvantaged, should be encouraged, EXTRAM wishes to provide them with a place to organise low-cost holidays.

2. Positive breaks

EXTRAM (for “extra-muros”) wishes to help today’s youth to overcome certain walls that prevent them from accessing an education and therefore an existence where all their talents could be deployed.

– Leaving the concrete walls of cities for nature where man discovers his true measure
– Leave the walls of screens to confront real adventures and real relationships
– Leaving the walls of sociological prejudice to dare to meet in kindness
– Leaving the walls of generations to gather the wisdom of the elders and discover the joy of being at the service of the young
– Leave the walls of immediacy (inability to think about tomorrow) by learning to reflect, deepen and access one’s own interiority.

3. A “Holiday” house

To enable all young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to have access to quality holidays while reducing costs, EXTRAM organises and facilitates stays:

-Organisation of outings and holidays where these “ingredients” are brought together: inclusion of disadvantaged social backgrounds, direct contact with nature, real encounters with participants in a climate of simplicity, friendship and benevolence, interactive presence of different generations.

-Research, development and provision, as a priority to associations serving working-class areas, of places where economical educational holidays can be held which encourage free management, autonomy and voluntary work, as opposed to expensive activities.

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