The association de la Soliderie is the heir of the food distribution set up in Nyon during the first wave of covid. Their objective is to fill the absence of a food aid structure in the region, by building a solidarity grocery store and a café, in a sustainable, participative and innovative way.

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Built in second-hand maritime containers, the grocery shop will consist of a sales area for clients and a large stockroom where purchased products or products recovered from food waste can be stored.
Initially open every Tuesday, the grocery shop will be reserved for people in precarious situations. It will offer an assortment of about fifty basic necessities. For an entrance fee of 5 CHF, customers will be able to leave with a basket worth about 20 CHF, made up of products that they can choose according to their needs.
The products will come from three sources: the recovery of unsold goods, food donations, and purchases from suppliers and producers.


Opposite the grocery shop, the café will be built using an innovative and sustainable system of compacted straw and wood. In order to welcome the most mixed public possible, an inclusive layout has been designed: the furniture will be comfortable and adapted to different types of mobility. There will also be games for all ages and carefully selected books.
A hanging drinks system will allow for the inclusion of people in precarious situations. The café will offer local products from short circuits.
Cultural activities and thematic workshops, events and discussions will be organised regularly. This will encourage the exchange of knowledge and practices between generations, cultural origins and social backgrounds.

3. The pillars of the project 

  • Autonomy: A financial set-up that envisages a model of financial autonomy: the profits from the café go back to the grocery shop, which can then lower its prices. Drinking a coffee at La Soliderie will become a gesture of solidarity.
  • Sustainability: La Soliderie wants to contribute to the ecological and social transition for the region. This will be reflected in the choice of building materials, products and thematic workshops.
  • Culture: In the long term, La Soliderie aims to facilitate access to culture for all by offering cultural and artistic activities.
  • Prevention: La Soliderie will work in a network with other social structures active in the region. They will be invited to hold regular information and prevention stands.
    Meetings: Built as a public square, the Soliderie will be a meeting place for clients from all walks of life living in the region.
  • Children: A warm welcome will be reserved for families. Children will have something to occupy themselves in safety while their parents do the shopping or drink a coffee.
  • Literature: In order to promote reading among children, a space will be dedicated to children’s books: the Book Market.
  • Workshops: Associations or groups will be invited regularly to give participative workshops. Workshops on bike repair, tax return assistance, racism prevention and zero waste will be organised regularly.
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