International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

The Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights is a world-renowned cultural event that celebrates and promotes human rights through cinematic art and debate. Every year, filmmakers, human rights activists and influential figures gather in Geneva to attend this inspiring festival. Screenings of engaging films highlight the struggles, victories and challenges faced by vulnerable people around the world. The festival also provides a unique platform where filmmakers and activists can interact with audiences, sparking enriching debates and raising awareness of crucial human rights issues.

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1. Impact Days

The Impact Days, organized by the Geneva Film Festival and International Forum on Human Rights, represent a crucial step beyond mere awareness-raising. This large-scale event offers participants a unique opportunity to take action in support of human rights. During Impact Days, workshops, conferences and interactive sessions are organized, bringing together experts, activists and committed citizens who share a common desire to make a positive difference in the world. Participants are encouraged to explore practical and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing human rights challenges. Impact Days also provide a space for collaboration and networking, enabling participants to form strategic alliances and strengthen their commitment to the protection and promotion of the fundamental rights of all people.

Thanks to Impact Days, the Geneva Festival reinforces its role as a catalyst for concrete action in favor of human rights, inspiring a generation of advocates determined to change the world for the better.

2. Objectives

  • Strengthen the ability of selected films to have a positive impact on society, through novel collaborations between filmmakers and human rights workers.
  • Trigger additional sources of funding for independent documentary filmmaking.
  • Extend the life of films by promoting the circulation of cinema documentaries through non-traditional distribution channels, and identify and reach targeted audiences over the long term.
  • Build bridges of exchange and collaboration between the independent documentary production and human rights communities.
    Expand the international community of filmmakers committed to human rights issues.
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