Step 1 :
Meeting with Mrs Serafin to discuss all the projects of Païdos association.

Step 2 : 
Meeting with the head of the CAP and visit of the premises.

Step 3 :
Discovering CAP activities and participating in programmes.

Suivi hebdomadaire :
Weekly visit to ensure the smooth running of operations and to develop a sustainable partnership over time.

To know more


Developed by the Païdos association, the CAP programme aims to accompany and guide unaccompanied minors by acting as quickly as possible against the risks of marginalisation that can lead these young people into illegal networks, such as prostitution and dealing.


The CAP is intended for unaccompanied minors aged between 15 and 18. These are unaccompanied children, separated from any parental authority, who do not have legal status in Switzerland. They are mainly referred by the Minors’ Protection Service and housed in reception centres for minors. 

Mostly from North and West Africa, these minors are fleeing particularly difficult family and social situations. Orphans, unmarried or abused children, often from modest and precarious backgrounds, they take the road to exile, sometimes very early on, with the idea of reaching a better life in Europe. In addition to a traumatic experience, linked to family and social breakdowns, these children are confronted with a sometimes traumatic migratory journey and wandering in European countries.

The CAP team, made up of a manager, two educators, a socio-cultural facilitator, a psychologist and two trainees, uses different learning and follow-up methods to get these young people out of this “grey zone”.


The objectives of the CAP are to welcome minors by offering them a place of integration during the day, allowing them to take a rhythm of life and work. Through this programme, adolescents benefit from a space of support and protection against the risks of marginalisation, facilitating their access to care and socio-educational support, with a view to a dignified and sustainable social integration within our society.

  • To offer a psycho-pedagogical reception place for minors in difficulty, allowing them to resume a rhythm of life.
  • To offer educational support in a secure and non-judgmental environment.
  • To promote social integration and help with reintegration.
  • Facilitate access to care and offer educational and psychological support.
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