The Jewish Community of Geneva

The Communauté Israélite de Genève (CIG) warmly welcomes all Jews, whatever their religious practice or origin, offering a wide range of services and activities. Under the responsibility of the Chief Rabbi, the CIG organizes its activities and manages its institutions in accordance with the fundamental principles of Judaism (Halakha). On an individual and family level, its members live their Judaism in accordance with their personal choices.

The IGC’s many activities and services are carried out by dedicated staff and numerous volunteers. They include synagogue services, rabbinate, kindergarten, courses for young people (Talmud Torah) and adults (Ulpan), cultural activities, youth center, social service, activities for senior citizens, cemetery, library, community restaurant and meeting spaces

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1. European Day of Jewish Culture in Geneva

The 23rd European Day of Jewish Culture took place on Sunday, September 4, and was celebrated in over 30 countries around the theme of renewal. In Switzerland, the day took place in eight cities and towns, with over 30 events organized in Baden, Basel, Bern, Endingen-Lengnau, Delémont, Lausanne, Zurich and Geneva.

In Geneva, the Communauté Israélite de Genève, in partnership with the Communauté Juive Libérale de Genève, the Association du Patrimoine Juif Genevois – APJ and the Henry Dunant Lodge of Bnai Brith, honored the liberal heritage of the city of Carouge through two guided historical tours, offered in the morning and afternoon. These tours were enriched by musical and theatrical animations, presented by speakers in period costumes to offer a complete immersion in history.

For this event, historian Jean Plançon, under the name of Pierre-Claude de la Fléchère, comte de Veyrier (1722-1790), was supported by actors from the Hamacom troupe, as well as students from the CIG drama course. They were accompanied by the musical talents of Florian Colombet on guitar, Cédric Uriel Asseo on flute, David Morhain on percussion and Bianca Favez on violin. Not forgetting the essential contribution of Eric Ackermann, second officiating minister of Geneva’s Beth-Yaacov Grand Synagogue, and Benoît Gobitz, member of Geneva’s Liberal Jewish Community, for liturgical chanting.

In the presence of Mayor Sonja Molinari and Administrative Councillor Anne Hiltpold, this dynamic troupe presented a text based on period historical correspondences, alternating with musical interludes carefully chosen to match the declaimed text as closely as possible. Together, they guided an audience of around 250 people from the gardens of Carouge town hall to the Israelite cemetery, through the lively Vogue de Carouge held on the same day.

This experience enabled the public to immerse themselves in a forgotten common past, that of the 18th and 19th centuries, when, like other religious communities, Jews were able to settle in the Sardinian city and create a flourishing community, while the gates of Geneva remained closed to them.

The day ended with a historical quiz, rewarding some twenty winners, followed by a draw for each visit.

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