Nestled at the top of the Parc de la Grange, the TO, Théâtre de l’Orangerie is a real living place, bubbling with artistic experiences and creating active materials for thinking and acting! By proposing forms of crossed and sensorial scenic writings, the TO does not wish to make of the theater a simple mirror, but rather seeks to open a parenthesis to allow us to pose a glance inclined, which acts on the representations of the reality to reinterrogate them. 

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1. EVENING THEATER – Breaking the boundaries between artists and audience

For this 2022 edition, the TO continues to assert an artistic approach that attempts to make all the current issues of art. By crossing several divisions of borders, the TO wishes to reverse the points of view to try to understand the system within which everyone exists, with the ambition to contribute to its transformation.

The theatrical season, the backbone of the TO, also allows us to support Swiss creation, by programming several shows that are invented at the very heart of the Orangerie as well as by welcoming local companies.

2. VISUAL ARTS – Thwarting the boundaries of the invisible

Exhibitions inside and outside the walls, in the atypical places of TO, hidden in the greenhouse or on the roofs, to push back the spatial limits generally imposed by art.

An invitation to travel between strolling and sensation, wonder and amazement, aesthetics and pleasure to shake the contours of the artistic object and what distinguishes it from the usual object.

Their mission is to put art in our lives, to envisage the world of tomorrow differently.

3. YOUNG PEOPLE – Crossing the boundaries of the imagination

To offer a space to young people allowing them to rub shoulders with art by discovering shows but also to give them the opportunity to meet with the living, the elements and to put all their senses on the alert.

Observing trees, plants, insects, birds and small fauna is an integral part of the experience.

4. MUSIC – Spaces for listening and discovery

A musical program open to the world and its many cultures, i.e. about fifteen festive evenings to be experienced together.

The novelty of 2022 is the “Trip TOyou”, a three-wheeled vehicle hosting fifteen or so DJs who will offer itinerant sets, from one corner of the garden to another, to meet the public.

5. PLACE OF LIFE AND EXCHANGE – A precious space-time

The TO reveals itself as a true permaculture place that opens a precious space-time, allowing a community to exchange and share resources, skills and knowledge to build tomorrow’s world.

This place allows to restore the notion of human contact and proximity where each person feels at home and can listen to what is coming. A new concept, a new way of consuming or living together.

The TO bar is a place of conviviality. It is fully in line with these values, with a 100% vegetal cuisine, created with products from Swiss or neighboring structures, seasonal and most often organic.

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