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Arta Sperto is a specialized entity in curating, producing, organizing, and editing artistic projects, primarily of a pluridisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature. Founded and directed by Olivier Kaeser, this structure operates without a fixed location and conceives its projects in close collaboration with cultural partners, whether in public spaces, urban environments, or natural settings.

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1. KorSonor Project

KorSonoR is an exhibition-festival dedicated to sound and visual arts, taking place in Geneva from September 28 to October 22, 2023. The exhibition spans two locations, Le Commun and Flux Laboratory, with two artworks to be discovered in public spaces. A diverse program of performances and other projects unfolds across various cultural venues, including Cave 12, Comédie de Genève, Grand Théâtre, les 6 toits, and the Musée d’art et d’histoire. A symposium is also scheduled in the conference hall of the Bâtiment d’art contemporain. KorSonoR will follow a biennial schedule, with a second edition planned for October 2025.

KorSonoR brings together 14 artists, duos, or entities, representing a total of 28 artists, not counting the performers. This heterogeneous group, spanning multiple generations (from 31 to 75 years old), various nationalities (9), and diverse cultural backgrounds, shares converging passions. Arta Sperto takes charge of the production or co-production of 8 works and participates as a co-producer.

2. KorSonor in Geneva

Geneva stands out as a city where music holds a prominent place. Prestigious orchestras and ensembles, whether innovative or established, venues of different sizes and orientations, inclusive or specialized festivals, open-air stages, specialized schools – all styles and generations find their representatives and reference points in this abundant musical offering. Amidst this diversity, certain organizations distinguish themselves with an experimental, cross-disciplinary, and research-oriented approach, such as Archipel, Contrechamps, Cave 12, Ensemble Vide, Les yeux grand fermés, Belvédère sonore, etc. These entities demonstrate a spirit of collaboration and openness that uniquely sets them apart in other cultural domains. It’s worth noting that Geneva is home to one of the rare permanent works in the public space by Max Neuhaus (1939-2009), an American artist often regarded as the “father of sound installation.”

3. Performances

  • Tarek Atoui (LB, 1980, basé à Paris)- Performance-concert, Musée d’art et d’histoire, Salle Duval, 19.10.2023
  • Ban Lei (CN, 1990, basé à Genève) 153 returning birds, installation adaptée spécifiquement pour l’espace, à activer par le public, Le Commun – Installation en mode live au gré des envies de l’artiste et des spectateurs.
  • Rudy Decelière (CH/FR, 1979, basé à Genève) Shallow Water, installation sonore, création, Le Commun
  • Emilie Ding (CH, 1981, basée à Berlin) + Alizée Lenox (FR/DE, 1989, basée à Berlin) Performance-concert, création, espace public devant façade immeuble 29 Bd Georges-Favon
  • Agnès Geoffray (FR, 1973, basée à Paris) Fléau, performance, Musée d’art et d’histoire, cour, 15.10.2023
  • Kim Gordon (US, 1953, basée à Los Angeles) 12341 Brandford St, Sun Valley, 2022, 14’13’’, vidéo sonore projetée en grand format, Le Commun – Film de Kim Gordon / design office, réalisation Manuella Dalle et Kim Gordon
  • Olga Kokcharova (RU/CH, basée à Genève) Retours Loge, « portrait sonore de La Comédie », création, marches sonores et installation sonore, La Comédie
  • Christina Kubisch (DE, 1948, basée à Berlin) Cloud, installation sonore, Le Commun Electrical Walk Geneva, création, espace public, départ Le Commun
  • Ari Benjamin Meyers (US, 1972, basé à Berlin) Forecast (LX23), concert-performance, création, Grand Théâtre, atrium, 29.09.2023
  • Susan Philipsz (GB, 1965, basée à Berlin) The River Cycle III, installation sonore, passerelle flottante sous le Pont du Mont Blanc
  • Benoît Renaudin (FR/CH, 1985, basé à Genève) LASER, installation sonore, création, Le Commun
  • Anne Rochat (CH, 1982, basée à Berlin) In Pulse, installation immersive et interactive, avec artistes invité.e.x.s, création, Flux Laboratory
  • Roman Signer (CH, 1938, basé à Saint-Gall) + Antoine Françoise (CH, 1987, basé à Genève) Restenfilme XXII (51’19’’), compilation de films super 8 transférés en vidéo de Roman Signer, projetée sur grand écran. Composition/improvisation d’Antoine Françoise, piano et synthétiseurs, création, Les 6 Toits
  • Naama Tsabar (IL, 1982, basée à New York) Barricade (Ruptures), installation configurée spécialement pour l’espace, performances, Le Commun
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